People are complex and emotional creatures and as we haven’t been replaced by robots (yet), having a clearly defined strategy to determine how and where to focus is critical – why?

You know the clichés – our business is defined by our people, our people are the difference, we value people above all things – and yet when things are booming and sales are flying and you are getting more and more business…guess what?

Yep, you guessed it, the operational stuff, getting sh!t done, becomes all important and your people slip down the priority list a bit…

More work, longer hours, lots of change, more customers, unhappy customers, pressure, communications getting fractured and harder to do…eventually, this impacts us as human beings and WILL eventually impact your business.

Don’t let that happen, stay ahead of the curve – or if you have – don’t panic.

Our people in business health check looks at the human side of your business:

  • Heart – What’s the Story – Our need for purpose and certainty
  • Mind – Inspire & Motivate – Our need for control, direction and success
  • Body – Seeing, Hearing, Speaking – Our need for connection
  • Emotion – A Foundation of Trust – Our need for healthy relationships

Not sure where to start, just pick up the phone or drop me a line, you talk and I’ll listen, y’know, like people do.


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