Punk Strategy

If you are a leviathan of a business, chances are you’ve already got a people strategy and you don’t need my help. If you are not sure take a look on the walls around you, they’ll likely be some really nicely printed posters with words such as ‘Our Values’, ‘Our Vision’ on them. Nice aren’t they? *snigger*

…but if you don’t have those or that strategy, I bet you are here because something isn’t working where you are. You can either feel it coming, or you are beginning to see and hear it.

You may be a business that has grown quickly and organically – you now have brilliant people in roles they NEED to do not have been developed to do – and the cracks are showing.

You may be a small business absolutely smashing it in the digital, media or technology space – but amazing, creative people aren’t always amazing managers, coaches or mentors – all ideas, not enough emotion.

And you know what, that’s OK, that’s normal. Only you can’t let it fester. It’s bad for you, bad for people and definitely bad for business.

If you personally weren’t feeling great you’d go to the doc’s right? Have a chat, get a diagnosis, make some changes perhaps. A health check.

Right now do you know where the problems are? How do you know how people are actually feeling about stuff that’s important to them?

Our P.U.N.K Health Check can get to the heart, mind and body of the problem – we then create a strategy that works for you and your business.