Punk News & Interviews

In the first of the Punk Interviews above, I talk to Dr. Anthony Greenfield, a change leader and author of two books, the 5 Forces of Change and 5 Tales of Change. We discuss the impact of change on people and what leaders can do to help them navigate their way through it.
In this interview below, I talk to Annabel Lovick, who has had a difficult journey through divorce and cancer, but has found new ways to use her experience, resilience and positivity to build a new business and help others.

In the third of the interviews, I speak to Marcus Kirsch, author of the Wicked Company. We discuss where business and the world is in tacking wicked problems and what we should be doing to overcome them.
We live in an era of wicked problems. Can your company keep up? Technology and the evolution of the experience economy have created a reality that most companies can’t just buy or work their way into. These are wicked problems: issues that continue to evolve and morph beyond your solutions even as you form them. The days of tame problems—mass production, building bridges, solving for x—are behind us, but we’re still designing companies to solve those tame problems.


In the fourth interview below, I speak with Rob Eberstein, business consultant and founder of Cheetah Transformation, we talk about the benefits of the product Smartsheet and how he has worked with small and large organisations to bring about significant improvements in how people work together to get things done.

Righto champions (who knows where I got that from?)…the full version of my interview with Shirley Smith, a coaching supervisor with a strong background in HR and founder of her coaching company, Thereforme.
Although I’ve tried not to focus any of the interviews on Coronavirus, this is the one that you need to watch if you are working from home or are managing a remote a team.
We look at the importance of the different types of personal space and how they impact our behaviours and wellbeing. We also consider how, with people in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, how our personal space bubble can become ‘polluted’, causing us and those around us, to react in ways that may lead to friction.
We then consider what can be done and practice a simple exercise that helps bring whatever quality we might need at a given time – e.g. ease, quiet – back into our personal space.
I hope you enjoy it and we’d love to get your feedback.

I’ve just finished reading Elvin Turner’s excellent book, Be Less Zombie. It distils 10-years of field research amongst some of the world’s leading innovators into a pragmatic, actionable toolkit.
It does more than just that though, Elvin’s honest and very human approach helps you understand the tools and processes of building great ideas but more importantly, it looks at how company culture and people’s mindset play a vital role in thinking about, and planning, the future.
In this interview, we talk about the book and answer questions sent in.