It is not a leader’s job to be great at whatever.

The art of leadership is to make the people under them great at whatever.

Which is why, in old school Chinese martial arts, a master is not judged by how good his kung fu is, the master is judged by how good their students’ kung fu is.

That’s cool, right? Imagine being rewarded ONLY on how your people performed. 

Would it change the way you managed and led the people that follow you?

However, the master must start with themselves, only by exploring and discovering their own strengths, do they know how to teach and empower others.

All of our management and leadership programmes look at these key aspects:

  • Understanding the volatile world that we live in now and how leadership needs to help people navigate uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • Discovering and understanding your key strengths
  • Learn what part our strengths play in individual performance/motivation and how this impacts those around us
  • Get to grips with the different personal behaviour styles that can either help or hinder effective communication, decision making and delegation
  • Put all of this together to determine what your authentic leadership style looks like.