What is Punk Incorporated?

We are the makers of good trouble.

We are disrupting the stale state of business and kicking against the status quo.

We know that there are better ways of working.

We Care A Lot.

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You Wanna Be Educated – Stuff to get you thinking

Check out these videos that explain some of the things that can help you as an individual and as a business.


Punk People

Punk Strategy

Reasons To Be Cheerful

I could add in loads of blah blah and rhetoric about the benefits of working with me, productivity, success, competitive advantage, happiness…but EVERY OTHER WEBSITE does that so I won’t put you through it, but…

YES, I will have significant impact on your people.

YES, I will make a genuine difference to how they feel and perform at work.

AND YES, this will change your business for the better.

I’m not doing the corporate bullshit walk and talk, the fact that you are here means you don’t want that either.

The proof is in the pudding, I’m not going to bang on about it, I’ll let my lovely clients do it instead.

Social Kicks – All Through The Night, C’mon

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From time to time it will involve having to watch videos of some noisy band I’m watching – these are highly educational too – sort of.

Yes, I only do LinkedIn because A. I hate Facebook and B. One social media site is enough to manage!

It’s full of good stuff though!


Why should you work with us? Because…

We totally understand your pain.

Your company isn’t grey and boring – you are as vibrant, challenging and brilliant as we are.

You want your company to stand out and be the difference in a competitive market – Punk people are awesome people.

We have a simple approach that works – be human and be more punk.

We have special powers (we don’t say ‘Shazam’ often enough though) – We get inside the head and heart of the problem – understanding what makes people and businesses tick.

This is a modern world – you want new ways of doing things, not old and dusty f*ckery.

You are unique, like us – No off-the-shelf packages, no bloat, no outdated thinking.


I recruited Simon because of his creativity, commercialism and clear drive to deliver outstanding results. What was I worried about? I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up! We continue to work together even though I’m now based in Australia.

Simon is a true leader and inspires others through his actions and coaching. He is unique in having an eye for detail as well as being creative. I like to work with a futures mindset and play in a conceptual space. Simon has an open mindset, he gets this, understands it and can apply actions and reality to it making it a tangible initiative.

I continue to liaise with Simon, ask for his opinion and bounce ideas off him. Only recently we spent an hour on Skype working through ideas for a leadership, culture change and engagement programme. It has allowed me to create a robust leadership development program and approach where I currently work (Sportsbet, Australia).

You always know what you will get. If you agree on the outcomes you want to achieve from the session, he will make sure they’re delivered. Plus, his experience and professionalism shines through, nothing would stop me from putting Simon in front of any level of leadership at my organisation.

Also, I would be as happy have a few beers with Simon as I would sitting in a room he is facilitating, learning from him or collaborating with him on a piece of work. He’s genuine, honest and fun to be around.

Ben Hamer, Head of Talent, Linktree

Simon has a huge presence as a business professional. His energy and ethos starts with the client’s business requirement every time. His thinking is innovative, big, different yet also joined up. These qualities influence how he co-creates the “what” and the “how” of well-designed learning solutions, which take participants further as they embrace behaviour change. Simon is honest, approachable and a pleasure to work with.

Gill How, Buonacorsi Consulting